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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Busy Summer

Wow!  It has been a busy summer.  Our grandaughter has been with us all summer, and has been a total blessing.  We went all over the place.  Most recently, we had to give her back.  We surprised her mom and dad by showing up in New Orleans and returning her to them a day early.  It gave me a few hours to take pictures of some of the buildings under dense rain clouds.  Those need editing, so consider that a tease of pictures to come.

As we headed east, and home, we were able to stop at Falling Waters State Park, in Florida.  The waterfall was dry, but the riches to be seen still were plentiful.  I captured these pictures there.  Please enjoy them.

The mosses and lichen were everywhere, but usually in dark spots.  My flash is not strong enough to pick them up.  There will be more, after editing, another day.

Hexagons of light are the supporting cast for a group of oak leaves kissed by summer sun.

In the midst of summer temperatures, well above comfortable, this plant has decided to go into its change of life with a blaze of color and contrast.  Hidden among the deeper shadows of the forest, it is highlighted by the spark of sunlight, which found its secrets out.  How grateful I am to get to see it, and then to share it with you.

Red stems agains green grass blades are accented with shades of fall.  The beautiful contrasts are set color upon color, shape upon shape, and texture upon texture.  What a beautiful forest detail.

What a thrill to see this photo tracing exactly what I was looking at.  You can almost feel the tiny hairs that capture every bit of moisture, which helps this plant thrive.  The repetition of pattern, the texture, and the composition of shoots thrusting up into the forest's meager light, made this a picture I will enlarge and frame.  I hope it excites you to look closely at what this forest has to reveal of its story.

It is still summer, but hints of autumn abound.  The signs of season change are slowly showing their true colors.

At different stages of maturity, this same type of plant shows the passage of time.  As it ages, it is less flexible in its tendrils, while being more firmly established.  My muscles and joints are behaving exactly the same.  All the same, this plant's brown curls serve a purpose.  Maybe I will serve a good purpose, and maintain some of my flexibility for awhile yet.

As prickly as this looks, it wasn't at all.  Perhaps the rain had softened the flower heads, or are they seed heads, on this plant.  With the forest's greens behind it, it jumps in contrast.  In another context, this could have been dull and lifeless.  Here it reminds the seasons continue to change, and next time I return, there will be something different to see, maybe even from this plant's new growth.

The tentrils from this plant were unique to me.  In all the other places I have been so far, I have never seen anything like this.  Now I will probably see them everywhere.  Here is the first sighting though.

What wonderous reflections there were.  I must have taken one hundred pictures of the variety of shore overlooks.  The glory of God is there, if you want to see it.

 Yes, during others seasons, without drought, this swimming hole would be well worth a dip.  There were fish everywhere in it.

Well, I guess it is time to run, until next time.  See you again sometime.

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