A Glimpse Through A Lense

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ravine State Park - Florida

Yesterday, we went on a lovely hike, up one side, and down the other of Ravine Creek State Park.  Near ninety degrees, it waa a little warm and muggy.  The views and the pictures were worth it.  These are some of the photos.

Kissed by the light.

Look at all the juxtapositions.  Color - light.  Smooth - hard.  Wet - dry.  Curved to straight.

Imagine the turned burl inside this tree.  It defines the living tree.  Burl is the bulbous growths on trees caused by living parasites inside the tree.  When it is cut and turned on a lathe, the most beautiful objects are formed, which reveal amazing wood patterns.  I have seen gorgeous lamp shades made from burl, and own a couple of burl bowls.

This cardinal was totally unconcerned with any picture taking, humans, and dogs.

This picture came out as beautiful as I saw it.  These elephant ears were about fifteen feet tall.  It was easy to capture the light through them.  Only God could have provided the composition.  He shared it with me, and I with you.  His glory is undeniably there if you look for it.

Where the pond forms in the creek.

 My faithful companion, Amelee.

Tranquil waters.

None of the buds were in bloom.  In and of themselves there is a simple charm.

Spanish moss does not drip profusely in Ravine Park.  When the wind catches it, the swaying is best highlighted.  It is peace inducing to watch.

Banana spiders are as colorful as threatening.  Their bite is hard, but will not usually kill.  Rarely have I found them crossing the trails.  They seem to prefer being in the flight paths more than the walking paths.

The South drips with Spanish Moss.  This is an old Antebellum in Palatka, Florida.

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