A Glimpse Through A Lense

Friday, July 6, 2012

What I Saw Yesterday

For a brief few minutes, while watering the lawn, this is what I saw.  My husband, Michael had taken the sunflower stalks down and placed them for the squirrels and birds to enjoy, if the racoons do not run off with them first.  This morning, all was there, which means the larger seed eaters are happy elsewhere.  This morning song birds of every kind have found them.  Amelee, our black lab, tries to keep the squirrels at bay, long enough for her to enjoy watching the birds eat their seeds.  She would happily catch a squirrel, but birds make her tremble.  She is our imitation black lab, and we love her.

So here are the sunflowers, enjoy them.  Little editing has been done.  This is the color they actually looked.  Find the center of lense focus, and you will travel through the pictures with more pleasure.  If you react to these, write a comment please. 

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