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Sunday, August 12, 2012

After the Move

Whew!  The move is complete, and company is coming.  Oh, of course all the boxes are not unpacked.  A serious dent has been put in them.  The apartment is comfortable and much cleaner than the old house we lived in.  In this heat, the pool is a definate plus.

Florida being what it is, there are lakes and ponds everywhere.  As I walked the dog, camera in hand, I came upon this scene. 

School starts again soon, and his summer memories with grandma will visit with him all his life.  These photos testify to the simple and satisfying pleasures still available on solar power, rather than plugged into power.  I hope your memories of this summer include similar bounty to glean from as the days wander through winter and back again for another summer.

Gone are the beautiful plants of my former neighbors.  They are close by, and each visit with them will result in more pictures.  In the mean time, there is a nature preserve one door away, and an intercoastal preserve park just down the road.  Already I have seen a baby alligator.  Nope.  No mama, and no complaints there.  There will be other things to see too, and with camera in hand, I look forward to sharing them with you.

Now, back to those boxes, after church.  Company is coming!

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