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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Word Pictures

I am busy doing paperwork and photographing other completed art works.  These are being edited.  In the process I have many photos to add, but the paperwork is necessary.  Getting the filing together I came across this, and thought perhaps you might read it.

Everyone's Voice Who Loves You

When you must be far from home,
And wonder about us back here,
Know we are standing the watch,
Keeping safe for your return.

And when you have time to dream,
Please make it of the best return home,
Where we are standing the watch,
Knowing you are in God's hands.

Should you look upon the horizon,
Where we are, for you here,
Know we are standing the watch,
With all our love, missing you.

When you wonder what it all means,
Pray on bended knee, and
Know God is standing the watch,
Waiting for your safe return.

Author:  Robbin Neff, September 18, 2008

Inspired by FOB Lightening, Embedded Training Team, Class 53, Fort Riley Kansas.

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