A Glimpse Through A Lense

Monday, October 15, 2012


A later posting than desired, this one may be fun to look at.  Instead of just the photo, there is more photo editing.  Creating these images was fun, perhaps too time consuming, definitely ending with interesting results.  See for yourself, and feel free to comment.  What do you find the most interesting?

Consider this.

If these were printed out and hung on a wall, the longest side on most of them, would be approximately 50-52" long.  Now imagine standing before the series of these, and you could walk along and look at them from varying distances and heights.

I would love to see these printed on fabric, strung up on poles through vertical side pockets, and stuck in the ground of a hilly knoll, where the viewers could walk up and down little hills and look at them from standing, sitting, or lying down. 

What do you think of that idea? 


Save your answer until after you see the images. 


The Original, below, is 2.5x3.5", mixed media, ATC (Artist Trading Card).  I love it when one thing becomes many other things.

Wonder what's next?

Come back again.

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