A Glimpse Through A Lense

Monday, December 31, 2012


Whew!  What a run the past two months have been.  It was not the holidays that saw me at the back of the run.  General life maintenance kept me at quite a pace though.

Through it all I have been creating.  Some is fine art, some is fine craft.  Rest assured, if I am working on it, it is being done at the highest caliber possible.  All of my finest arts are composed with longevity in mind.  Where archival materials are available, they are used.

My wonderful husband blessed me with a new camera.  It is lighter and can shoot great images in darkened conditions.  The full moon would have been a great shot.  Life had me otherwise occupied, and it was COLD out there. 

Those images are not yet ready, but these are.  Yes, they are all photography, if you are new to digital images.  Believe me when I say this is elementary.  You should see what the latest generation is doing.

Please enjoy.

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