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Thursday, July 21, 2011

From the Files

Good morning.  I thought I would continue adding photos from my files today.  Plants has a lot of folders in it.  Cacti is one of them, and these are some of the images found there.  Cactus is known primarily for its thorns and spikes.  It has many uses from providing drink to medicine.  Rope from some of the cacti is very strong, and a staple to this day.  Here you will see the textures and beauty some of them gave me.

I was lying on the ground, looking up through this cactus, just north of Las Cruces NM.  These were all over our campground.  It was thrilling to see the results were worth the rocks and stickers in my back.  I like it, anyway.

This is a wonderful color play cactus.  The contrast, texture, and color leave no doubt, this is not by chance.  In all I see, I am awed by the glory of the Lord.  It is everywhere, and I think it is this awe that I try to capture in my images.  If it takes my breath away with its beauty, complexity, and color, I try to shoot an image.

This one almost seems to sway on the wind, or dance.  It is solid and stable though.

These are so tall, and my favorite micro-macro lense so strong, only the top fit in the frame.  The simplicity and complimentary colors highlight the textures and movement in the piece.  Yep, this is a keeper too.

Even when a cactus has no more life in it, it is still a thing of beauty.  I don't know if these fibers would make good paper or rope; but it makes an interesting picture.  I love the way the dehydration takes what was once smooth, and makes it ridged.  Never again to see life, it has now returned to the earth and nourished the land.  The cycle of life lies before our eyes.  It is so complex and involved with details, only an exacting, perfect god could create this.  Even in death, this speaks to the glory of my mighty God.

The morning light really points out the danger of approaching this cactus too closely.  If you look in the shadows, the spines jut from an almost red base.  Red is the compliment of green.  The composition of this cactus is breath taking.

They are truly giants.  Just one of many around the world, and this was near Phoenix AZ.  These Saguaro Cacti are wonderful habitats for birds, bugs, and butterflies.  Their blooms are gorgeous bursts of bright yellow.  Unfortunately, this wasn't the time of year for an all encompassing image.  Maybe there will be another opportunity.  That remains to be seen.

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