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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Objects File

I have an assortment of photos which qualify only for a file called "Objects".  Today, I will open it and share some of the items inside with you. 

Occassionally, the picture is meant as a teaser/puzzle.  Do you recognize this common object?

Home Depot Baskets

Some buildings still use these old insulators and wiring systems.  The clouds have tinted everything a beautiful blue.

A fence line in the evening provided one of my favorite shadow play pictures.  I love the resulting abstract grid.

Gas may not have been more affordable when these pumps were installed, but it sure sounds less than today's prices.

Tomatoes look good any time.  Sliced, they went with the lettuce at a buffet.


Before the city of San Diego decided to do away with Old Town, the way it was, with lots of neat restaurants and shops, this old wagon could be found there.  The bright green was an unusual color, and made for striking contrasts.

This fat little friar doesn't see many tourists.  He is off the beaten path between Oceanside and Temecula, California.  He is certainly jolly.

The St Augustine Lighthouse provided many good images, including this one of the spiral stairs.  Look down.  Look up.  Unusual photos are to be had from looking at things differently.

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